Reflections on Windrush and Black Lives Matter

USPG Reflection and Prayers as we remember Windrush Day, 22 June.

Wind rush.  The sound of breath. The sound of the Spirit, like a mighty rushing wind. How long can you live without breath? With someone kneeling on your neck? ‘I can’t breathe.’

Minneapolis is surely a long way from this sometimes united queendom. As far away as the Caribbean maybe? Surely a long way away.

And the people from the far flung lands responded to the call to ‘Come, help us rebuild. You helped with the war effort, now help us breathe new life into our transport systems, our health care. Come.’

And they came and they worked and they contributed. And when it was felt that they were surplus to requirements, the heavy knee of the ‘hostile environment’ was pressed upon their necks.

There have been the words, the promises of recompense, of doing better, but precious little action.

They still can’t breathe. And we, the people of God, who inhale the breath of God, what are we doing to bring justice? Words are no longer enough.

The Revd Dr Evie Vernon, former Deputy Director of Global Relations, USPG.

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