Partners in Global Mission Webinar

On Thursday 4 June more than 50 USPG supporters from Britain, Ireland and Pakistan logged on to hear how partner churches in Sri Lanka and Brazil are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, in our first Partners in Global Mission Webinar which took place on Thursday 4 June. The webinar was part of USPG’s Volunteers’ Week celebrations and was chaired by General Secretary the Rev’d Duncan Dormor. 

Representing Sri Lanka was the Rt Rev’d Dhiloraj Ranjit Canagasabey, Bishop of Colombo Diocese, Church of Ceylon. Bishop Dhiloraj said that many people have lost livelihoods and the church has had to step up and offer practical assistance to the most vulnerable. ‘To date, we have been able to reach out to about 3,000 families and individuals,’ he said.
The Rt Rev’d Eduardo Coelho Grillo, Bishop of Rio de Janeiro, and the Rev’d Inamar de Souza represented the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil. They explained how the church has been using the Internet to inform and educate people. ‘The Episcopal Church of Brazil responded to COVID-19 very quickly,’ the Rev’d Inamar de Souza said. 
‘Learning from our global partners and sharing that learning with our supporters and friends in Britain and Ireland remains a priority for USPG during lockdown,’ said USPG’s Director of Mission Engagement, the Rev’d Canon Richard Bartlett. ‘What once would have been a face-to-face meeting with a few participants in our office can, with the help of technology, now be a global forum for many more people.’

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