Anti-terror Bill in the Philippines

USPG stands in solidarity with its partners the Episcopal Church in the Philippines (ECP) and the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) as they speak out against the Anti-terror Bill in the Philippines.

The Obispo Maximo of the IFI stated that ‘We believe that the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 will not serve justice and peace for our people especially the politically marginalized and economically disadvantaged among our workers, farmers, urban poor, Lumad communities and Moro people and those who advocate for their cause and struggle like the social activists, rights defenders and people’s organizers among the lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists, broadcasters, students and church people…’

The ECP shared that ‘We believe that a vibrant democracy allows for dissent, criticism or opposition of proposed or actual public policies, programs and actions so that as a nation we will all find the best way to move forward in ensuring the peace, justice and prosperity of our people. We re-iterate the apostolate of the church as peacemaker and peacekeeper, upon which this call rests.’

Please join us as we pray for USPG partners and all of those fighting against this unjust bill.

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