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John Wallis has had to stand down as stamp collector due to ill health.

Over the years John has taken in stamps from churches and individuals around the UK.  He raised over £19,000 for USPG.  We are thankful for all that he has done and wish him well. Our prayers are with him in his retirement.

We have a new system for Stamp collections for our supporters recycling stamps.  We have engaged Xchange Master Ltd to handle the stamps.

Xchange Master Ltd will send pre-paid C4 size gusset envelopes free of charge.  The stamps are put in them and sent to Xchange Master Ltd again free of charge.

Or for bulk pickups (i.e. more than 3kg) Xchange Master Ltd can arrange for a courier to pick up from any premises in the UK (excluding the Channel Islands) on a day that suits or alternatively or send a label for the client to drop off at a local Hermes/ UPS/ DPD drop off point, again free of charge. There is usually a drop off point within one mile for most postcodes in the UK.

Stamps should be on single thickness backing paper (i.e. not front and back of the envelope) and the backing paper should be trimmed to about 4mm to 8mm.  Nothing else should be mixed with the stamps (e.g. coins, postcards).  A variety of stamps may be submitted together. Please remember to send your supporters slip (found inside the envelope) when you send your stamps off to Xchange Master.

To receive either the envelopes or the courier service, please email  Please ensure they are aware that it is for USPG.

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2 thoughts on “Recycle stamps for USPG

  1. Can you tell me how the funds work? is there a fee to Xchange Master Ltd, or is it a percentage? How does the income to USPG get reported – annually, or otherwise? These are questions I will be asked by the congregation.


    Elizabeth Sidwell

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Xchange Master promises to pay the highest rate for recycling stamps in the UK. They currently pay £20 a kilo for stamps and provide monthly reports to USPG.

      We hope this helps

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