Cyclone disaster update

Cyclone Relief Work
Our thanks to those of you who donated to our Rapid Response Appeal following the devastating effects of Tropical Cyclone Idai on 14th March 2019 that swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, killing an estimated 900 people and leaving 3 million desperately needing help. In April, Mozambique was hit again, this time by Tropical Cyclone Kenneth leaving another death and 18,029 displaced. (National Disaster Management Institute). This latest cyclone, another weather phenomenon exacerbated by global warming intensifying rainfall, has again hit the country hard.

Fran Mate, USPG Regional Manager for Africa, reports on the current situation:-

“Thankfully the floods have now subsided, the number of transit centres have been reduced and families are returning to their villages to meet with the reality of what happened but they are struggling to start life again with many houses and churches totally destroyed. In addition, many cholera cases have also been reported with many being treated and discharged. Electricity has been cut off and phone communications severed in most places whilst some health facilities and churches have been completely damaged.
Many school-age children are affected by the crisis. In some of the areas affected, schools will need extensive repair after being converted into makeshift emergency shelters for families displaced by the huge storm. Pupils don’t have exercise books or pens and classrooms are overcrowded.
Food is scarce as the majority of all crops (maize, sweet potatoes, rice etc.) were destroyed and the next crop harvest season won’t be until 2020. They need basic farming tools and seed to plant new food crops.
People are using water from wells and other contaminated sources and so there is also a huge need for water treatment and proper sanitation.”

Relief work

What is the Anglican Church is doing?

The Anglican Church is providing much needed support in the most remote parts of the country, mostly areas beyond the reach of International organisations. The church is present with the people everywhere, making contact with the very vulnerable communities.
Thank you so much for your donations which have already helped the Anglican Church to distribute food (maize, beans etc) and essential school learning materials (pens, books) whilst also providing much needed prayer and psychosocial counselling as well as temporary shelter and the protection of women from sexual exploitation etc..

However, the need is huge with difficult logistics to transport relief support to areas where infrastructure is badly damaged.
Vicente Msosa – Bishop of the Niassa dioceses (Mozambique) said – “Friends, we recognise your sacrifice and giving, the work is in progress, we have done this so far because of you. Do we have enough words to express our gratitude! Thank you so much the work is still in progress”.

Your support is still needed to enable the Anglican Church to provide most needed urgent assistance to displaced families in Mozambique, Malawi and Malawi.

If you would like to give please donate here >>

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