USPG Launches ‘Open to Encounter’ on Bray Day 15th February 2019

USPG, is launching an engaging and enlightening invitation called ‘Open to Encounter’, on February 15th 2019 which is also Bray Day.  Bray Day is the anniversary of USPG’s Founder, the Revd Dr Thomas Bray, who founded the charity in 1701 and it’s perhaps apt that this new, illuminating document explores the changing role of mission around the world in the 21st century.

Launching the strategy, the USPG General Secretary, The Revd Duncan Dormor described it as, “An invitation to go beyond your comfort zone, as Jesus did, to meet people of different cultures and to stand with the marginalised and dispossessed. This is an invitation to join us on the journey towards being a more globally aware, inter-cultural Christian.”

In a revealing and insightful interview with young director, writer and performance artist Justina Kehinde, the Revd Duncan Dormor discusses the role of Mission in today’s society and what it means to be an ‘inter-cultural’ Christian. He also explains USPG’s determination to rethink mission, energise the church and community and champion justice which are USPG’s three strategic aims.

“I warmly welcome this booklet as heralding a new era for USPG”, said The Most Revd and Rt Hon Dr John Sentamu, The Lord Archbishop of York, “At the same time…it’s important to recognise…through the faithful witness of so many missionaries over the centuries, USPG has helped to bring the Gospel to so many parts of the world and has also shown to us what we can learn and receive as a gift from the worldwide church.”

To read the document yourself, please click here.

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  1. My name is Owen Thomas, Jr. and I was intrigued by the expression “inter-cultural Christian. I was born and raised in an Anglican seminary in Cambridge, Mass., and my father, Rev. Dr. Owen Thomas took us on his sabbaticals whenever he could and I had exposure to several different cultures at an early age. I think this helped me in my decision to spend nearly 30 years managing social projects in Brazil. We recently moved back to Oslo, and would be interested in hearing more. Best Regards, Owen C. Thomas, Jr.

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