Creationtide – Season of Creation – Week 2

The Fifth Mark of Mission of the Anglican Communion highlights our responsibility to care for the environment. It call us to ‘strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.’ Each year the period of time from 1 September to 4 October is dedicated in the church calendar to Creationtide or the Season of Creation.

To help churches and individuals to explore and celebrate this time together we have pulled together some global resources to help inspire us.

For week 2 we focus on the Philippines – The Philippines is a country which is rich in natural resources but the 2018 report by Global Witness reveals that the Philippines is  also the third most dangerous country in the world for land defenders. Many have been killed as they seek to protect the land from those who seek to profit from it without concern for the lasting damage that is being done. The churches in the Philippines are doing all they can to stand with the indigenous communities who have been losing their homes and way of life.

  • Watch Father Chris Ablon from the IFI church explain why it is so costly to stand with the indigenous communities who seek to protect their land from large-scale agri-business and multinational mining companies.

  • And then join us in prayer by watching our USPG meditation film on mining in the Philippines


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