5 ways to inspire your prayers with USPG

Your prayers are really important to USPG and our partners. Did you know there are 5 different ways you can be inspired to pray with USPG and the World Church?

1. Prayer Diary

Pray with the World Church is our prayer diary which we print 3 times a year. It has prayers and reflections from the around Anglican Communion. Each week starts with a short article from one of our church partners. The Sunday collect and the prayers for the rest of each week are based around that reflection.

You can order paper copies for free here, though we appreciate any donations you can make.

2. Facebook

We post prayers from the Prayer Diary onto our Facebook page every day. Facebook recently changed the way that posts from pages you like show up in your feed. To make sure you don’t miss them – and other posts we make there are 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to our  Facebook page
  2. Click on ‘like’ (if you’ve not already done it)
  3. Click on ‘following’ and select ‘see first’

3. Twitter

If you’re on Twitter you can follow us @USPGglobal. We post the prayers from the Prayer Diary on our feed every day. Don’t forgot to ‘follow’ us so you’ll see our posts in your feed.

4. PrayerMate

For those of you with an Android or iOS device, you can subscribe to our prayer diary on the PrayerMate app.  If you’re new to PrayerMate the easiest way to subscribe is by following the instructions on this page http://praynow4.org/uspg

If you’re already using the app to you can find us in the ‘World mission & Bible Translation’ category, or ‘subscribe using the QR code’

5. Website

If social media and apps aren’t your thing you can find the prayer diary to read on our website here. There’s also a PDF version you can download and a variety of prayers from around the world for other occasions.

Which is your preferred way of praying with USPG?

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