Hurricane Irma devastates the Caribbean

Hurricane Irma made landfall on the northeast Caribbean islands in the early hours of the 6 September (posted 13.9.17).

Irma has been classified as a Category 5 storm – the strongest and most destructive category of hurricane- and it is considered the most powerful hurricane to be ever recorded over the Atlantic Ocean.

The intensity of hurricanes is linked to the surface temperature of the sea. As such, there is concern the warming of the oceans due to climate change is contributing to these high intensity storms.

Over 32 million people in the Caribbean have been exposed to high wind zones. Some islands, such as Anguilla, have reported critical damage with up to 90 per cent of infrastructure being damaged.

Hurricane Irma satellite image

USPG is in close contact with the Archbishop and Bishops of the Church of the Province of the West Indies (CPWI).

We are standing with them in solidarity at this time, offering financial support and holding them closely in our prayers during this season of hurricanes.

Bishop Charles, Guyana: ‘Many thanks for your concern, prayers and financial support.’ (7 September 2017)

Archbishop John, Barbados: ‘Thanks for this note of concern and support. Some of the islands in the Diocese of the North East Caribbean and Aruba suffered significant damage. Do continue to pray for us. Will keep in touch.’ (7 September 2017)


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