Go green in 2017! Switch to renewables and lobby your MP (nicely!)

Sarah Robinson, of Hope for the Future, tells you how…

The birthplace of Hope for the Future is Sheffield, where the city council has just become one of the first in the UK to officially announce they will not invest in fossil fuels.

The city plans to become the UK’s first ‘Fossil Free City’, which will involve encouraging local educational bodies, faith institutions, pension authorities and football clubs to follow suit and invest ethically.

So far, the council and both universities in Sheffield have divested from fossil fuel companies – which is fantastic progress – but there is still a way to go.

Investment in renewables allows for new fossil-free technology to be developed and improved. Furthermore, investment causes renewable energy prices to fall rapidly – so much so that onshore wind is currently the cheapest form of energy.

The industry is developing at a fast rate and it is predicted that costs will drop below gas and nuclear by 2025.

Multimillion-pound energy company DONG Energy is committing £6 billion to develop offshore wind power in the Humber region by 2020 – which is good news for those of us in the north of England.

Furthermore, DONG recently announced plans to sell its oil and gas division and put all its efforts into developing renewables, which is a great message about the future of the energy industry.

So how can you and your church get involved?

The Big Church Switch is one way your church can support renewable energy companies. Their website will guide you through the process of switching to renewable energy suppliers, which is also available for homes.

This movement is showing that Christians are prepared to lead the way in support of renewables in order to ‘restore the earth and bring balance to God’s Creation’.

According to the Guardian, the majority of the Salvation Army’s sites, a third of Quaker meeting houses, and 2,000 Catholic churches have switched to renewable energy

It is further estimated, according to Big Church Switch, that more than 3,500 UK churches have switched their electricity from fossil fuels to renewables or have registered their intention to do so.

Put climate change on the political agenda

With so much uncertainty following Brexit and the recent election of Donald Trump, getting climate change high on the agenda has never been more important.

Deep political divides have opened up in light of these changes. The decisions we make to get involved and build a relationship with our MP, and to encourage others to do the same, is key if we are to build bridges and take action regarding one of the biggest challenge facing the world today.

Hope for the Future resources are designed to enable you to find a way to work constructively with your MP, however different your politics or however uninterested in climate change your MP may appear.

New Hope for the Future resources include:

  • New template letters
  • Briefings on key issues to raise with your MP
  • How to build a constructive conversation with a difficult MP
  • Ideas of what you can ask your MP to do
  • How to research your MP

Representatives from Hope for the Future are happy to accompany anyone wishing to meet their MP, or to give one-to-one advice for anyone seeking to organise an event.


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