Life Stories from Pilgrimage still alive

Posted 04 October 2019

The Revd Jessie Anand writes:

In February this year a group of 32 people from the Southwark Diocese was led by Bishop Christopher Chessun on a 15-day pilgrimage to the Dioceses of  Amritsar and Delhi in the Church of North India.  The programme for the journey, which covered the three states of Punjab, Himachal  Pradesh and Haryana, was co-ordinated by Rev S Anand Asir Anand of All Saints Church, Battersea.

Pilgrimages are always inspirational, as they always bring to light new things which we never expected. In this case, there are two particular stories which, as I have reflected upon them, seem to me to relate very much to the life and work of USPG, both past and present.