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Revd Fedis Nyagah and Revd Chintha

Revd Fedis Nyagah and Revd Chintha

USPG’s Emma Bridger is currently in New York with Revd Fedis Nyagah from the Council of the Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) and Revd Chintha from the diocese of Colombo engaging with faith based organisations, governments and the United Nations, all working to advance policy commitments towards gender equality.

Today (Friday 15th March) Revd Fedis will be a panellist at the Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) event on Faith Feminism and Human Rights Frameworks at the Canadian Mission where she will inform conversations on gender, faith and development. Meanwhile Emma’s ‘Keeping Faith in Faith Leaders’ USPG document will be presented on Monday the 18th of March in the main building of the United Nations as part of a wider Joint Learning Initiative report looking at the intersections and interactions between gender, faith and development. She was interviewed recently by UCB Radio and you can listen to her discussing some of the key focus of ‘Keeping Faith in Faith Leaders’ in advance of the meeting, at

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