Returning to my roots

Posted 19 June 2018

The Revd Sarah Miller shares a fourth reflection from her USPG Journey With Us placement in Madurai, India.

I left Madurai at the end of April for the Nilgiri Hills, where I have had a rich and exciting four weeks discovering new communities and rediscovering people and places associated with my family history.  For the first two weeks I was at Ooty, a hill station high up in the hills, where the morning air was sharp and fresh with the scent of eucalyptus.  I stayed at Hebron School, which my two elder brothers attended in the 1960s when my parents were missionaries in Andhra Pradesh.  My brothers were born in India along with my sister and me.  Hebron is now an international boarding school with 360 pupils from around the world, most of whose parents are engaged in Christian mission work; the staff are from several different countries including India, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Germany. 

I enjoyed getting involved in the school community which was exceptionally welcoming and friendly and full of youthful energy and enthusiasm.  The staff room and dining room were good places for animated conversations about Indian culture, academic life, faith, music…I joined one of the school families for a trip to Bandipur Tiger Reserve and we spotted a large tiger in the evening sun, cooling off in a pool, swishing its tail in the wateri